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University Jewelry with Kyle Cavan

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you my new bracelet featuring the Low Memorial Library at Columbia University! I’ve always loved class rings, university merchandise, and other things that I could look back at and remember my time at the university, but I usually opt out of the chunky 1980’s style, fake-stoned class rings usually sold at university bookstores. I’ve always wanted to find something that I could wear forever, something classy and subtle, to show my pride for the school. Kyle Cavan makes fine jewelry (gold-plated, sterling silver, and solid gold on request) featuring universities like Yale, Brown, Penn, Duke, and so many more. The Columbia University Iconic bracelet is my personal favorite, but there are cuff links, a gorgeous necklace, and an Hermes style bracelet. As you can imagine, when Kyle Cavan reached out to me, I was so excited to partner because they made a product that captured everything I wanted out of university merchandise: something academic and chic that will match everything. They gave me a code for my …

Strawberries and Sunshine: Picnic for Four!

       Hello beauties! It is finally warm and sunny out and I am stuck indoors with International Politics textbooks and the lovely essays by Berkley. Thankfully, my lovely Kappa sisters and I made the time for a super chic picnic! For a warm and sparkling picnic, bring fresh fruits, an easy, breakable bread and different jams! We brought madelines, grapes, and Pellegrino! Break out the nautical dresses, hot pink lips, pink accessories, and flowing florals. Also, everyone should go check out my sister Irene’s blog! Back to studying! Xo, Julia

A+ Second Semester Secrets

Happy second semester, beauties! I am sharing with you my favorite ways to stay organized and ontop of my studies! 1) Get a planner. Add parties, add errands, add when your period starts, add dates with your boyfriend and when essays are due. Add everything, and you will never confuse times and always be aware of your responsibilities all at once. 2) Read and highlight texts the day before, and read only the highlights the morning before class. I always tend to miss details during class having read it the night before. This is the best way to read thoroughly beforehand, but also recalling details. 3) Make a Google Doc with a Classmate. An alliance like this is key when taking notes and studying. Add notes that they missed, and you will get notes that you missed. Make a study guide and assign different things to outline. 4) Eat grapefruits. Grapefruit is filled with vitamin B9, which is crucial for brain function. This will keep you sharp all day for your classes, and it’s also filled with vitamin C! 5) Emergen-C. …