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University Jewelry with Kyle Cavan

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you my new bracelet featuring the Low Memorial Library at Columbia University! I’ve always loved class rings, university merchandise, and other things that I could look back at and remember my time at the university, but I usually opt out of the chunky 1980’s style, fake-stoned class rings usually sold at university bookstores. I’ve always wanted to find something that I could wear forever, something classy and subtle, to show my pride for the school. Kyle Cavan makes fine jewelry (gold-plated, sterling silver, and solid gold on request) featuring universities like Yale, Brown, Penn, Duke, and so many more. The Columbia University Iconic bracelet is my personal favorite, but there are cuff links, a gorgeous necklace, and an Hermes style bracelet. As you can imagine, when Kyle Cavan reached out to me, I was so excited to partner because they made a product that captured everything I wanted out of university merchandise: something academic and chic that will match everything. They gave me a code for my …

Just Peachy: Rooftop Outfit of the Day!

 Hi everyone! Delayed flight in Charlotte so here I am writing a quick lil post! Here’s a quick OOTD from Sunday when my boyfriend came back to NYC (and I left for Charlotte right after for my #HBOcollege training!!). It’s just a simple peach lace romper from Necessary with a sleek pony and Sam Edelman glitter flats.                   Fun fact: the last pic made it to the NYC snap story!!!! Xo, Julia 

Outfit of the Day: Dreaming in Lavender

             Hello my loves, My apologies for my MIA few weeks. I’ve been hard at work and hard at play. I turned 20 on Tuesday! So excited to have shared it with my friends and family and tons of Magnolia vanilla cake and confetti. Here is my OOTD taken by the lovely Nikita, featuring a vintage Lavender jacket and Necessary clothing watercolor shorts. Wide brimmed hat frugally purchased on the street, and lovely silver Sam Edelman flats (post to come on the perfect intern flats!)  Xo, Julia 

Queen of Coney Island: Outfit of the Day

Happy Wednesday! Because I am in between the end of school and the beginning of interning (I got an internship doing paralegal work at a small corporation!), I’m finding ways to spend time without actually working. Before my boyfriend leaves for LA to do movie things, we went to Coney Island for some sunshine and funnel cakes. I’ve never done “Outfit of the Day” posts before, mostly because so far I’ve only posted in winter, when my uniform consists of a down coat and barely-salvaged-by-high-heeled Uggs. I bought this coordinate outfit at Necessary Clothing, a local boutique in NY with an online store as well. And no outfit is complete without a sorority tote and a bag of cotton candy. “A Twist of Lime” flip flops are Kate Spade, found at Marshall’s for $20! XO, Julia