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Autumn Leaves

Hi everyone!! Dropping in to quickly share an outfit of the day in the West Village! I love this high-neckline floral dress complete with all my favorite fall colors. I paired it with a Dior choker and some light pink sunnies as we (slowly) transition from summer to fall. I love the subtle bell sleeve as well! Now, back to studying… Xo, Julia

University Jewelry with Kyle Cavan

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you my new bracelet featuring the Low Memorial Library at Columbia University! I’ve always loved class rings, university merchandise, and other things that I could look back at and remember my time at the university, but I usually opt out of the chunky 1980’s style, fake-stoned class rings usually sold at university bookstores. I’ve always wanted to find something that I could wear forever, something classy and subtle, to show my pride for the school. Kyle Cavan makes fine jewelry (gold-plated, sterling silver, and solid gold on request) featuring universities like Yale, Brown, Penn, Duke, and so many more. The Columbia University Iconic bracelet is my personal favorite, but there are cuff links, a gorgeous necklace, and an Hermes style bracelet. As you can imagine, when Kyle Cavan reached out to me, I was so excited to partner because they made a product that captured everything I wanted out of university merchandise: something academic and chic that will match everything. They gave me a code for my …

Summer Stripes

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone had an amazing fourth! Just wanted to a do a quick outfit post because I’m really into these romper dress things lately!! I love this one because I feel like I can wear it daytime and nighttime. I paired it with my new favorite summertime clutch, a wide-brim hat, and earrings from Necessary Clothing! Xo, Julia

Mamma Ía!

Hi everyone!! While I’m writing from NY right now, I just got back from Santorini!! It was so incredibly gorgeous and the people are super nice and welcoming. I was inspired by the gorgeous colors of the terrain in choosing my outfits, as well as by the locally designed clothes on the island (pom poms and tassels for Summer 2017? Groundbreaking). I got the dress from TJ Maxx, aka the same dress literally everyone has this summer. I decided to make it more my own with these super fun earrings, which I totally bought to look like Madeline in Big Little Lies (ok. Maybe this look isn’t that original SUE ME).  Shop the look here!  Xo, Julia


I love this simple Kate Spade dress with the two bows in the back for my NYU graduation! I paired it with a statement necklace (Forever 21!) and a hot pink kate spade bag to brighten up the look. I love midi dresses and think they’re perfect for summer. Xo, Julia


It’s almost my favorite month in New York: May. The trees are pink, peonies are on the streets, and Starbucks cups turn clear and cold.  I couldn’t wait to celebrate the beautiful weather with some sundresses, so I picked up this gorgeous kate spade yellow dress! It pairs so well with black and gold flats and a retro red lip. A midi dress with retro makeup and flats is one of my favorite Spring trends! Can’t wait for the showers to be over and to finally see more flowers. Until then! Xo, Julia

Indian Summer

Happy Monday! The thing about New York is that it literally goes from winter to summer with absolutely no transition period, and I think it’s safe to say that the gorgeous weather is here to stay! To celebrate, I wore my new favorite top from a boutique called Bamboo in St. Barths and borrowed my lovely G-Little’s gorgeous denim jacket! Because we dared to dine at Clinton Street Baking Co., we had an hour and 45 min wait, so we decided to explore. And by the way, it was totally worth the wait (even though you have 10 minutes to get there once you get the text, while we were exactly 15 min away and had to book it)! Definitely recommend the chicken and waffles! XO, Julia

In pursuit of magic

Hey everyone! It’s been literally over a year but I couldn’t think of a better outfit to resurrect this blog with. My BFF Eliza Lambert literally takes the most gorgeous pictures so I’m so glad we got to play after Sunday brunch in the sweet 62 degree weather!  These jeans are my new favorites; I saw them on the @topshop Instagram and ran over the next day to grab the last ones in my size. I got the tee on Etsy customized (shop called Vellichor Vibes) and was approached by what I think was a conversion group and was asked it was a Christian thing (“no, it’s a taylor swift thing.”) The slicked-back hair is my new favorite beauty trend and had to take if for a spin; just a little mousse and combover does the trick. Have an amaze first week of actual NYC spring! Xo Julia 

An American in Paris

Bonjour, my old friends! I know it’s been forever since I’ve written literally anything on here (my last post was pumpkins) but I may or may not have had the most incredibly busy semester of my life. Not to worry though, I’ve taken the semester off from jobs and only have my lovely French-themed classes to focus on in NYU Paris. Not a huge adjustment from NY, but eye contact is perceived as flirting with men (I make more eye contact than I thought) and I’m getting more flowers than usual from strangers. Here’s a quick lil outfit pic followed by some more cute pics of my lovely new city.  My top is theory, sunglasses from F21, American apparel pants, hat from the street, Tiffany rings, and my lipstick is Mac Retro Matte in Ruby Woo.                                  Bisous, Julia 

Spooky in Lilly: Preppy Pumpkins for Halloween

   Hello lovelies! Just wanted to share a quick Halloween pumpkin idea. If the usual Halloween decorations don’t fit your ~aesthetic~, painting pumpkins to match your decor ties in perfectly while celebrating the season! I copied a classic Lilly Pulitzer print and kept the stem natural, though a white painted stem would be gorgeous too! I used acrylic paints from Michaels.  Stay spooky! Xo, Julia