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Color Me 60’s

Hello lovelies!! All photography by Oliver Finley. The first look features a Modcloth coat, a vintage muff, and a Marshall’s infinity scarf, all faux fur. The second is the most inexpensive look, with both sunglasses and faux fur coat from Forever 21. Skirt from H&M. The third look boasts a colorful handmade coat from a Brooklyn flea market. Love you all!! xo, Julia


~ Happy 2015! It is my prediction that 2015 fashion will be all about The Nineties.  I decided to pay homage to a simpler time 20 years past with inspiration from Taylor Swift’s Times Square New Years Eve performance (only with, well, my birth year). And let’s be honest, also because Friends just made it’s way onto Netflix. My first look features some cat eye sunglasses, $6 from Forever 21, a $15 sweater-dress from Marshall’s, and a vintage 90’s bedazzled denim jacket from Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for $30. The second look is perhaps the most authentic with a 1995 Banana Republic mint jacket, a plain white forever 21 white tea pinned in the back, and an admittedly overpriced American Apparel skirt at $50. The third features a black velvet dress, $8 at Macy’s, and a Kate Spade fur scarf. Turtlenecks, knee highs, denim, and matching tops & bottoms, the 90’s are a seriously underrated decade for fashion. Not pictured, but my best friend also just made me a beautiful choker out of stretchy string. Welcome, 2015! xo, …

Confetti and Champagne

It is not uncommon knowledge that sparkling, champagne-like glitter is the most beautiful adornment on any New Year’s Eve outfit. The first dress pictured is found at Macy’s for $20, cappuccino colored and deliciously embroidered with delicate sparkles. The second pink dress is a more fun, bridge-and-tunnel 1 OAK-y kind of look. The $19 Macy’s dress doesn’t take itself too seriously paired with a glass clutch. The third dress, a local find of crushed blue velvet, was purchased for $12 and becomes infinitely more glamorous when paired with a deep gold-and-chocolate clutch, $30.00 at Marshall’s. The brown silk brings out the bright blue tones of the dark velvet. The last dress would make even Daisy Buchanan blush with decedent admiration. The glass, silver clutch brightens up all outfits by being playfully over-indulgent, celebrating the holiday’s craving for excess, piled on jewels, and bubbly champagne kisses. As for me, I will be wearing the blue velvet dress with the chocolate brown and gold clutch when ringing in the already blooming 2015. Have an amazing New Year! xo, Julia P.S., Feeling beyond …

Slumber Party

Silly juxtapositions of pearls and sweats are combined with glittery accessories and cold-weather cozies for easy rom-com watching and cookie dough-binging. Wear jerseys with pearls! Models: Annalise  Bissa and Eliza Lambert xo, Julia