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Garden-Fresh Macaron Fillings: Blueberry, Cassis, and Strawberry Champagne

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Hi everyone! So I posted my macaron recipe a while back (the link will be at the bottom to my vanilla macaron post), but I’ve been experimenting more and more with different fillings! These fillings can be used for macarons, but also for tons of other things (I topped a fresh donut in my next post with this cassis filling.)

Strawberry Champagne:

For cookie, add 1 teaspoon of champagne to cookie right before piping.

For filling: Mix 3 cups of powdered sugar with 1 cup of softened butter (I recommend using a mixer!) Muddle some strawberries, and if you don’t have a muddler like me, just crush them with the backside of a spoon! Mix slowly into the buttercream and enjoy!

Lemon Blueberry:

For cookie, crush a view blueberries with a spoon and more about a teaspoon of juice into cookie. Add blue food coloring for fun!

For filling, either make lemon curd yourself (zest, lemon juice, and sugar on a saucepan) or just use a lemon curd at home like me. Mix with 3 cups of powdered sugar and 1 cup of softened butter. Stir in as much as you want, depending on how lemony you want it.


For cookie, you can keep the plain almond because the filling is super potent. Cassis and champagne go well together as well, so if you want, throw in a teaspoon of champagne into the cookie as well.

For filling, either muddle some black currents or use a 1 cup of black current preserve like I did. Mix with 3 cups of powdered sugar and 1 cup of butter like in the first two, and add the cup of black current preserve.





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