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DIY Glitter Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter and Passover! I just wanted to share a quick and cute way to decorate eggs with a glittery fabric (I had an old glitter ribbon), scissors, nail polish, and acrylic paint!!

1. First I just painted the half the eggs in solid colors with acrylic paint and let dry for 10 minutes.

2. I painted the other half with glitzy gold nail polish! Also dried in 10 minutes.

3. Use nail polish on acrylic eggs and vice versa to make simple polka dots!

4. While that’s still wet, take the glittery fabric/ribbon/bath bomb/anything with glitter (or literal glitter in a tube if you’re a real person) and scrape with the edge of scissors. The glitter will fall on the eggs and stick to the polish!

Overall this took me like 20 minutes and they came out beautifully!!

Happy Easter and passover, and happy Spring for everyone else!!

Xo, Julia 2015/04/img_1773.jpg



  1. Wow! This year I won’t paint the eggs but for next Easter I will try this! Looks so beautiful!


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