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Spring Cleaning, But Like, For Your Life


I’ve never liked New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps because they’re a cliché and I want to seem cool and different (even when I’m not), but here’s something about Spring and blooming and melting snow that elicits that very instinct in me. Here are a few little things to remember while the ice melts.

1. Forget, but also don’t forget how pretty you look when you read Baudelaire in a tea shop; be surprised, but also not surprised, when you get 5 different people’s numbers on napkins when you leave.

2. Stop watching Netflix. Pull yourself together.

3. It’s okay to be a feminist and still want a cute boy to buy you dinner.

4. Write handwritten thank you notes, even for your roommate doing your sines or for your friend who called you when you were sad. Manners go a long way, and it’s an excuse to fuel your online shopping addiction with Anthropologie stationary.

5. Buy a wicker basket to put your lunch in, and you will never feel cuter.

6. Pretend the Chanel you wear is your natural scent and your $27 cream blush is just your natural coquettish flush. People won’t believe you, but they’ll find it endearing.

7. It’s okay to eat that brownie after working out. Both endorphins and chocolate fill your brain with dopamine, the happy chemical. Isn’t that the end goal anyway?

8. Buy an overpriced lingerie set and never let anyone see it but you.

9. Remember to call your best friend back, but forget to clean your chipped polish.

10.  Save your money. Parsimony is chic.


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