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My Funny Galentine: Party Decor


Hi everyone! I am so, so excited to celebrate all of my female friendships this Friday with Rom-coms, Russel Strover’s, and Champagne cupcakes (recipe to come!). I am also super excited for Saturday to celebrate Valentine’s with my boyfriend by swing dancing at Barbetta!

To prepare for Friday, I’ve started to craft little Valentine’s with glitter glue and write nice things about each person on the back of them. I’ve also gone to Party City and spent a total of $6 on cute heart garlands and other heart decorations!

If you are having a brunch or cocktail party for your Galentine’s, I recommend decorating in the most luxe way as possible. Visions of overflowing sweets, pastries, and candies evoke feelings of the most beautiful decadence (Think that “I Want Candy” Scene of Marie Antoinette). Lit scented candles, fresh flowers, and extra plush throws and pillows add to the luxury vibe.

Think of Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate all the loves in your life; filial, self-love, and friendship. Send flowers to your mother, treat yourself a face mask, and let your friends know you love them. If any of you are struggling with finding gifts for boyfriends because they don’t know how to shop for boys, that is something I cannot help you with. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

Happy Gal/Valentine’s Day!

Xo, Julia




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