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A+ Second Semester Secrets


Happy second semester, beauties! I am sharing with you my favorite ways to stay organized and ontop of my studies!

1) Get a planner. Add parties, add errands, add when your period starts, add dates with your boyfriend and when essays are due. Add everything, and you will never confuse times and always be aware of your responsibilities all at once.

2) Read and highlight texts the day before, and read only the highlights the morning before class. I always tend to miss details during class having read it the night before. This is the best way to read thoroughly beforehand, but also recalling details.

3) Make a Google Doc with a Classmate. An alliance like this is key when taking notes and studying. Add notes that they missed, and you will get notes that you missed. Make a study guide and assign different things to outline.

4) Eat grapefruits. Grapefruit is filled with vitamin B9, which is crucial for brain function. This will keep you sharp all day for your classes, and it’s also filled with vitamin C!

5) Emergen-C. On that note, there is nothing worse than taking midterms while you’re sick. Keep yourself healthy by eating right and sleeping, but if your classes ensure all-nighters and your dining hall ensures unhealthy eating, this will keep you alive. Get the one with zinc! (Immune+)

6) Cut your reading time in half. If you are running really late to do a reading, read the Sparknotes for the general idea, and then read the text. You will be able to read more quickly when just picking up the details, having already known the main ideas. But only do this if you really, really need to!

7) Bother your professors. Before your first essay is due, have your professor look it over (orif they don’t allow that, ask for them to look at your outline or thesis statement). If you don’t like your grade when you get it, meet with them again. This seems silly and obvious, but I cannot tell you how much it makes a difference!


8) Schedule your Netflix time. Or any down time. You will still be watching the same amount of Netflix, without those feelings of guilt. And don’t let the 15 second auto play feature trap you!

9)  Make your desk a homey place. Add candles, a mood board (pictured is a collage I made!), photos with friends, and other things that make you happy. You will associate this homey atmosphere with your readings, and you will feel a lot less anxious about that one paper.

xo, Julia





  1. Helen Le says

    I love this post! I’ll also be getting back to school in 3 days and this definitely inspired me to get through school and also make a post of my own about going back to school. Thank you!


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