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My Funny Galentine: Gifts




We are approaching the best day of the year: Galentine’s Day. For anyone who doesn’t watch NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a holiday invented by the protagonist, Leslie Knope, to celebrate strong female friendships the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th. The day involves a brunch with all of Leslie’s best girlfriends. Boys are fickle and break your heart, Galentines are forever.

1) Invite your best girlfriends out to brunch on February 13th.

2) Bring photo albums, scrapbooks, and any heart-shaped baked good you can make!

3) As for your Galentine’s gift, crafts are the sweetest way to tell your best friends that you love them. They are personal and one-of-a-kind. In the first photo, I made a collage  out of a Variety magazine.

In the second photo, I made frames for my friends. Plain wooden frames can be found at Joanne’s or Michael’s, and so can wooden accessories (I found wooden bows). You can also buy a bouquet of fake flowers, pull apart the blossoms and hot glue them. The paint is acrylic, and you can adorn them with anything that makes your friend unique. I used favorite colors (or colors they would like), high school names, college names, and sorority letters, but you can use anything that sets them apart!

The third photo is one of a heart-shaped sparkler I found for $4 in catbird, a store in Williamsburg. I think they would be so cute on pink frosted cupcakes!

The last photo is a little folklore inspired painting. I think it would be cute to add sassy phrases to the bottom.

4) Give your gifts after you have ordered brunch, and don’t forget sweet, handwritten cards! Remember, Galentines are forever!

In terms of themes if you plan on having girls over yourself rather than at a brunch restaurant, decorating in Tiffany blue for an Audrey theme, a sweet princessy fairytale theme, a pajama party spa theme (nail painting, etc.) would all be creative ideas. I will have a separate post on decorating!

Happy Galentine’s Day!!!!!

xo, Julia

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