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The Secrets to Scrapbook Stardom









It is my belief that in this digital age, people do not look through photo albums as often as they should with Facebook right at their fingertips. Because I have a 1 month break from NYU, I decided to scrapbook my entire life (skipping middle school, obviously). I’ve decided to share the best scrapbooking tips I have!

Firstly, the key to a great composition is layering to the point of simulated 3-Dimension. By cutting out people, cakes, and other cute images and putting them on top of each other, a beautiful display is created.

Secondly, I was at first daunted by the price of scrapbooking paper and stickers. Michael’s always has 40% off coupons, however, for Jollee’s 3D stickers. I also recommend buying a complete scrapbook with paper, which can be found at Outlet stores. I found mine at Marshall’s for $10 each. I made 3 scrapbooks (high school, freshman year, and sophomore year) for $45, so roughly $15 each including stickers.

For photo prints, I recommend just going on and connecting to Facebook. You can order prints for 15 cents each just from your Facebook photo albums! You also get 50% off your first purchase!

Lastly, I think it is a charming idea to add favorite songs, albums, and movies of the time for your favorite scrapbooks. I have playlists for every month since January 2011, which allows for amazing nostalgia-indulgence. Also, add ticket stubs/receipts for other sweet memory trips.

Bonne chance!

xo, Julia


  1. boolaurene says

    What an awesome idea to create scrapbooks of your entire life! I only wish I could find my photos of my childhood, they’re hidden out in the attic at my parents’ somewhere!

    For now I’ll stick with scrapbooking through this year! You’ve certainly given me a bit more inspiration when it comes to composition though!

    Great blog too!

    Boo x


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